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Is located 1 km from the restaurant and the riding school, at 600 mt of altitude. The Village is swathed in greenery and tower above the village of Premilcuore. The Camping if full equipped and domestic animal are allowed.


Camper’s Area

The Camper Area is located inside Ridolla’s Fluvial Park and includes a full equipped space with power point , toilettes and shower, Pic-nic area with grills, Bar and swimming pool.


Pic-nic ‘s Area

The pic-nic ‘s area is located inside the Ridolla’s Fluvial Park and offers 60 table and 6 grill point along side the river and the natural swimming pools named il Mulinaccio e la Lastronata.


Bar & Swimming pool

They are located inside Ridolla’s fluvial park at 500 mt from the restaurant and the riding school.


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